Like most relationships in life, it’s always better if you get on and have a connection with people. Therefore I feel it is essential for you to get to know me a little first before you decide to take this relationship further. After all, if I'm taking part in your special day, you should know a bit more about me.


I’m Nell, 26 and live in Sheffield with three other professional women; we love to cook together, watch trashy TV after work and play sports in an evening.  I have a dog called Ruby, who is the fluffiest, cutest dog in the world and in my spare time I love to take her for walks in the Peak District. I play guitar in an indie rock cover band with a bunch of guys crazier than me.  In my spare time, I love to hang out with friends and my partner, relax and have fun. 

I have been passionate about photography for years. I studied it at College and University, going on to work in a professional studio before deciding to go solo just a few years ago. I have to say it’s been the best decision I have made and I’ve never looked back.

My photography style is recognisable for its bright and colourful edits. Often in couples shoots, I will find some painted walls, graffiti bricks, even abandoned buildings. At your wedding venue, if there is a quirky location, we will be sure to seek it out first!  I'm up for pushing the boundaries and being as creative as possible, if you want to hang down from a building then let's go for it! I have a tremendous all-girl team who work with me; we are all best friends who get on like a house on fire.  The team work very hard to make sure that your day has a seamless approach from start to finish and that you get the results you deserve!


I specialise in same-sex couples photography as I am incredibly passionate about it and think it's impressive to see how far equality has come. I am gay myself so fully understand same-sex relationships! If I was to be your wedding photographer, rest assured you could entirely just be yourself and relax and enjoy your day. Please find more information about this at


As well as running my own photography business, I also run my networking events in Sheffield City Centre centre for local entrepreneurs called REAL Networking. I am also a mentor for startups in the region; I love giving back advice I have learnt over the years. 


Below you can see some of the awards we have won over the years and where we have been featured and seen. 

Want to know more about me or what we do here at Nelly Naylor photography? Please send us a message below, and I will respond as soon as possible.

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