wedding photo package 

New Guidelines = New Package 

What a day it’s been! Earlier Boris announced new restrictions on wedding guests, with numbers halved from 30 to 15, and there’s speculation that this could be in place for at least 6-months. I’m just as gutted as all of the lovely couples who will have to rearrange, reorganise and replan their special days because of this!

In times like this, we’ve all got to stick together, look after each other and think on our feet. I’m introducing a limited COVID-19 photography package, so if you still want to get married during the next 6-months, you can do so with a little sparkle. You might not have the party that you wanted, but if you’re still planning the legal bit, and signing the paperwork, I can photograph you. If you want to get married, and have a couples shoot after the paperwork has been signed, please do get in touch. 

Lots of couples now are doing an elopement, so if your thinking of just going of somehwere, signing the legal bit, and making a getaway out of it, then let me photograph you, maybe this is more for the adventurous couples out there, lets climb a mountain, take your suit and dress in a bag and get changed at the top, imagine the views in the photos! Now thats a story to tell. You might want to run away to a secluded beach, same again I can come and photograph you for a few hours, lets have an adventure and let me capture the most amazing photos, from the peaks to the lake district to a secluded beach in Scotland with views of mountains in the background, I'm up for capturing the journey. 

First 3 people to book this will be £300 - 3 hours of photographing, this is for Peak District only. 

And then £400 for the next ones

All photos sent to you.

Payment to be made in Full at the time of booking. 

Travel costs to be discussed, depending on the location of your Elopement.

I also know a few fantastic celebrants that can help with getting you both Hitched and they can become part of the plan too. 

What is an elopement? 

This is a great blog on what is an elopment, by 'HITCHED"

What if I still want to have a wedding with 15 people? 

Totally fine if having an elopement is not for you, you still might want a small gathering of your favourite people ( Up to 15) 

I can still come and capture the signing of the register and the ceremony, and photograph you and your group of people and still do a couples shoot anywhere of your choice. For 6 months only this is £350. 

How will you keep safe? 

Following the government guidelines I will continue to social distance, bring lenses that cover distance, and wear a mask at all times. I have a hand sanitiser bottle on me at all times too. 

Staying Positive...

I think Its really important to think that 15 people is not the end of the world, you can still get married to your loved one and get the legal bit out the way, and save the party for when its safer to do so. 15 people can cover close family and friends too. Lets try and stay positive together, if you have any questions about anything wedding related, ovid related and need a few things clarifying then please just give me a call or a message and I will help and support where I can. Ive put some of my Landscape images in the gallery, imagine yourself in them. Photos would look amazing! 

What else are you still doing during Covid-19? 

And how can i support you 

  • Headshots are 1/1 and can still maintain social distancing. I will get your typical close up headshot for Linkenin plus more images for your business branding, photos you can use for up and coming blog posts, socials media and website updates, I typically spend a morning or an afternoon for just £150 for 15 images. 

  • Product Photography / Natural light, indoors and outdoors. I can collect the products from you and return them in a box, just don.t touch inside the box with the products in for 72 hours. 

  • Family Photography / Outdoors

  • Doorstep Family Photos - Only £20 , really quick and fun photos of your family on your doorstep, more personal with your house in the background. 

  • Couple shoots and engagement shoots are still going ahead outdoors! The crazier the better :D 

  • Design work, leaflets, business cards, wedding invites. 

  •  I can do basic website design on Wix too, if your starting a business, I can do you a couple of starter pages and add your professional photos in. 

  • I have a print shop on website, please support me there, I do framing too. 

  • I can edit and put videos together 

  • I can film videos 

  • You can buy vouchers for gifts to use at a later date. 

  • Pet photography, I can do these in a park or your gardens. 

  • Car Photography, if your selling it I can take photos of it. 

  • Estate Agent/ House Decor Photography 

  • Supporting me can also be completely free, please just like my page, share my social media channels, tell family and friends about me too. Thank you! 

Image by Howie R
Fancy Camera