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Nowadays it’s becoming more and more popular to ditch the dreary British weather and head for sunnier climates for ones wedding day. But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise for your wedding photographs. Why not take us with you? You might say well, we can get a

photographer when we’re over there! It’s true, you probably could. But it’s just not the same!


1. Although you might not think it, it actually works out cheaper to fly us out with you for your big day, than to hire a photographer as part of your wedding package with the venue.


2. You know beforehand what style and creative techniques you’re getting from your photographer. You’re going to get the shots you’re after, from somebody you know.


3. All the preparation work takes place here in the UK as normal – we meet up and chat about the venue, discuss ideas and you can outline the images you want! We get to know you as a couple before we all fly out to the destination, ensuring everybody knows what will happen and when.


4. After the big day, we’ll head home and get started on the post-production work. We’re always just a phone call away! We’ll edit your images and compile them for you, we’ll then send them along with a personalised gift and our best wishes to wherever you need them!


5. No language barrier! Trying to remember some of your high school Spanish so you can communicate with your photographer is not what you want on your wedding day. If you’re an English speaking couple, it’ll be a weight off your mind knowing you have an English speaking photographer by your side.


6. You can fly us over to the destination the day before the wedding; we can then set up our gear, have a look around the venue and do some test shots, making sure everybody is ready for the big day! 

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