Nelly specialises in the LGBT+ community, her creative photography flare and passion for the community really celebrates all LGBT romances from couples being in love, to their engagements all the way up to their wedding day. Nelly believes that colourful modern fresh photography is a great way to document and show just how far equality has come. We should celebrate and share our love successes! 


With every passing day equality for LGBT people in the UK and around the world gets more and more acceptance, so there’s no time like the present to be proud of who we love. A business and person that celebrates love and supports the LGBT community is Nelly Naylor Photography.  


What makes Nelly and her business unique is that she understands LGBT relationships and makes her clients feel comfortable, appreciated and respected ( while having copious amounts of fun) Nelly Naylor personal journey with coming out wasn't that easy, and she loves sharing her story and wants to help as many people as possible with feeling themselves. Nelly also does many talks in the local community and schools promoting every aspect of equality.  After searching online for other photographers as market research, Nelly began to realise not many people are showcasing an LGBT couple on their websites, Nelly thinks its time to change this. As for all the law changed in 2014! 

''Marrige is about love not gender''


Nelly cares deeply about the LGBT Community and makes a donation to local and national LGBT charities from every shoot. Nelly also attends local and national prides supporting as many people as she can in the community. 


Nelly attends every year the National Gay Wedding Show, You can find her at the Manchester and London shows this year. She all has stalls at different prides around the UK. 

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Pop nelly a question, say hello, or enquire about couple shoots, engagement sessions and weddings! 

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