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Forget Glasto..this is the only festival I needed this year!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

What’s that? Couple of the week is back? Yeah it is!!!

Ponden Mill. I mean, is this not one of the most beautiful locations you have ever seen? A magical location surrounded by rivers, mountains and reservoirs. I felt more than lucky to be a part of this beautiful wedding on its own, never mind in a location like this. It reminded me of Padley Gorge in Sheffield. You felt the love just standing in this location. The weather was perfect too!

Wadstock, the best festival of the year so far. Who needs Paul McCartney headlining when you're in a location like this?

Ponden Mill Instagram: @pondenmillweddings

The grooms prep. At their house. The Lego, the rings and everything had personalised touches so it meant something to them. Also, it really can't be a gay house without having Cher on full blast getting ready. In my element. I love the fact that when taking these pre wedding shots at home I can add in personalised touches.

I was on hand with my the drone out to take shots of the lads on the balcony, which turned out to be perfect.

Then guests arrived at the venue. And you guessed it candids, candids and more candids! Like the ninja that I am, I was able to catch the most touching and natural moments as people stood waiting for the moment we had all been waiting for.

The Ceremony. This wedding was honestly one of the most emotional weddings I have ever photographed. I have never felt so much love in a wedding. There wasn't a dry eye during the ceremony (including mine). Every family member and friend was just so happy to be there.

And obviously, who doesn't love a dog at a wedding? Jarrod and Dans dog Libby was there to walk Jarrod down the aisle. My day was made and to be honest I could stop the blog there. Gay wedding with a dog, bye.

The Confetti Shot! The best shot at a wedding. The colourful confetti brought the guests and me back to life after such an emotional and heartwarming ceremony.

Oh and obviously this couldn't happen without a test shot from yours truly before hand...

The Group shot!! DRONEEEEE.

Honestly, I can't express how much drone shots make a ceremony. Using my drone means I'm able to fit everyone in and show just how much love surrounded this wedding.

These are shots of Dan and Jarrod together. As husband and husband, finally.

This beautiful celebration wasn't just a reminder of Jared and Dan's love for one another. But it was also a reminder of just how far we have come n terms of gay rights. The ceremony and speeches reiterated the fact that not too long ago this wedding wouldn't have ben able to take place. But it has. And oh was it beautiful.

Now, although the weddings was amazing. One of my most favourite things about this location is definitely the Falling Water eco-hut. This Falling Water hut was featured on George Clark’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4. I shall add in a link to the article about the eco-him hit. On the bottom of the article is the link to the Amazing Spaces episode.

Family Shots. I love a good shot of the family at weddings. They don't always have to be traditional the family shots, they can look like this, bright, candid, arms round one another, laughing and smiling, Serious is not my thing.

The Speeches and reactions from this wedding were amazing. The speeches themselves, especially the ones that reminded everyone how far we have come in terms of gay rights brought us all to tears.

The venue inside was more than amazing, just look at those lights! Everyone got wrist bands, a plastic beer cup, a quiz and a WADSTOCK 2022 goodie bag, it really was a festival! Even the table names were music themed, each one being a favourite artist/band.

Evening Guests. The best part of a wedding? The PARTY!

After Jarrod and Dans first dance their family and friends had surprised them with a flash mob. This left them absolutely speechless and showed just how much they meant to everyone in the room.

The best dancing obviously from the guests. I love to still be here for the after party and get the best photos throughout the night. No leaving after the first dance for me.

Photo of me and the wonderful couple.

This marriage was a beautiful start to these boys' lives together. They have just been accepted into the adoption programme. They'll make the best parents and will forever have each other to grow their family. These two from the moment I met them in person have been nothing but kind, generous and just all round hilarious to be around. There house is like something out of a TV show, its the most beautiful house you've ever seen! I'm hoping to go back to Haworth in the near future, so these two can take me and my misses on a pub crawl! Let's get it in the diary guys!

Huge shout out to Mike from @ufiniak for being my amazing second photographer. Having a second photographer means that as a team we’re able to capture so much more. We’re able to be in more than one location at once, and creatively think of new ideas together too!

I also made a little Video with the drone from the day.. Check it out ! Im Still learning so be kind ;)

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