My time at the photography show

Every year I try to attend The Photography Show if I'm available I was lucky enough to attend as a trade visitor which was very exciting. This year I went with some fellow photography friends and stayed for two days. I'm going to share with you some main points that I learnt from the talks/speakers that I saw, as well as what I gained from this experience. I was so inspired and motivated by all of the photographers that I saw. My ultimate goal for my career is to be up on that stage telling my story and inspiring current and upcoming photographers to carry on doing what they are doing, just like these photographers did for me.

Before I start let me tell you a bit about The Photography Show. The photography Show is ran by an international media group called Future Plc. The show brings together varies photographers from different backgrounds. This year the show was hosted in The Nec, Birmingham. The show will return on the 17-20th March 2018 which I will make sure to attend again since this experience has opened my eyes to varies style of photography.

Behind the lens stage

'Women in photography, how to make a name for yourself.'

Lottie Davies

The first speaker that I went to see was Lottie Davies. Honestly, this woman inspired me so much. I was so engrossed in what she was saying and her work.

Her first main break was her photographs flowers which was used in Monsoon shop window displays. She took some pictures of brightly coloured flowers and then she noticed that Monsoon had similar images in their shop windows. She then sent them to Monsoon. They called her and she ended up photographing for four shop window campaigns.

Lottie Davies didn't just photograph flowers she also photographed food for news articles. One of her work was for The Spruce where she photographed lemon lime sorbet recipe. The photograph below is an example of her work.

Lottie travelled to Burma and became a travel photographer for a news article. This was exactly what she wanted to do. Lottie travelled to Burma in 2007 where she travelled to a small bustling market town called Mae Sot. She photographed a small representation of the Burmese people. This picture below is one of the photographs that she took.

Lottie Davies Photography(Burma)

She won the Taylor Wessing prize for her travel photography. She didn't expect to win this prize due to the fact that she did the work for the fun of it and not for anything more. This has inspired me, I aspire to be like her and get to where she is now. The Taylor Wessing photographic portrait prize is an international competition which celebrates and promotes the very best in contemporary portrait photography. I aim to win this award one day.The photo below was her winning photograph.

From listening to her talk I aim to do exactly that continue creating my style of photography for myself so that it continues to be unique which hopefully my customers will enjoy.

Twitter: @lottiephoto

Natasha Caruana

The next speaker that I went to go and see was Natasha Caruana. She works primarily with photography and sound.

How to make a name in photography

Lot of time, lot of investment

One of Natasha's tips is to set yourself 3 'juicy goals' to accomplish in the year.

'Get excited, Be active'

When she was first starting out she used disused spaces as her studio. She used the space above pubs for studio space as well. She always tried to find the cheapest alternative. She believed that a studio space doesn't have to be expensive. Her tip is to share the cost. This is also how I think as well, I share a studio space which I feel allows me to be around others who are doing the same thing as me, additionally it allows me to learn from others who may not be doing the same business as me. Natasha co-founded collaborative studio space.

Natasha won the BMW prize in Residence at musee Nicéphore Niépce museum in Paris. She won this prize in 2014. Her style of photography is love, betrayal and fantasy. The photo below is the winning photo that Natasha took. The BMW Residency at the musée Nicéphore Niépce is a young photographer-in-residency programme that gives artists the change to work on a photographic project over a three month stay in Chalon-sur-Saône.

'Keep your confidence up'

Natasha talked about making sure to make a key supporters list. Earlier in this blog post I talked about sharing a studio space with other people who are doing the same thing as me as well as others who don't. From doing this I have gained a support system, additionally I aim to expand this and gain other business who will help me to grow my business further. When I attended The Photography Show I met a lot of other photographers and we exchanged business cards, I aim to keep in contact with them and help them out as well as get them to help me out.

Focus in the opinions that support you and listen to them. This is another tip by Natasha that is very key. I always try to focus on the opinions of people who are here to support me and my business. Any one who isn't here to support me I cut them out because negative people won't help me get to where I want to.

Another tip from Natasha is it's important to get the right people on your supporters list.

The right people=positive impact.

'No excuses'

To finish off here are some words of wisdom by Natasha.

'Continue with your momentum.

Don't let anything stop you.'

My 3 main 'Juicy goals'

  • Launch

  • Run my first networking event

  • Do more PR Campaigns. Talks, Radio, Magazine, TV. Launch crowdfunding campaign


Laura Pannack

'Just keep shooting everyday'

Laura Pannack focuses on human connections. Someone asked her what scars her? Her answer shaped her next project. She aimed to push herself, she did this by shooting people naked in groups. Her project is called Young British Naturists. In order for her to understand the people she photographed and gain their trust and respect she got naked herself. The reason why she did this was so that she could connect with her subjects. By doing this project she learnt without realising how to overcome her fears. This is an example of her work.

She also shot people running in the rain and in the dark. She also used different skills. Took pictures in diffrent weather conditions. She not only pushed herself but also pushed her camera to see what could be done that others were'y thinking of doing.

After graduating from university she found that she got too much advice too soon. Which caused her to become overwhelmed. I can relate to this a lot. When I started my business I go a lot of advice and guidance which was too much to handle. One of Laura's advice is that it is best to take a little bit at a time and on your journey ask for advice and guidance. Don't be scared to ask for help!

One of the main things that I took from her was her creative ways to introduce herself to people she really wanted to meet. Every year she would buy 20 Easter eggs and she would put her business card in the middle and send them out to people/businesses she wanted to meet. This worked every time. I am going to do something similar like this with my business cards. Since my business is a photography business I am going to design my business cards to look like polaroid films. She also blogged every Thursday once a week. She writes about how her week has been and what has happened. I try to do something similar to this, every month I write a blog post about what events I've attended and what has happened that month.


Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you enjoyed it and got inspired just like I did.

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