Saraya-Children's portrait photographer

I was really interested in going to this talk as I am a family photographer as well so it was intriguing to see how another photographer photographs families, this has given me ideas on how I could improve my photos.

Saraya Cortaville is an award winning portrait photographer. She's been a photographer for 15 years. She photographed monochrome pictures as well as colour photos. This picture below is of Saraya with one of her photographs at The Photography Show.

These are some examples of Saraya's pictures

Saraya talked about 7 tips to photograph children's portraits.

Tip 1. Engage and communicate- She does this by learning the children's names, ages and what they liked. This allowed her to build a sort of bond and trust between the children. It allowed them to become a little bit more comfortable since for a child it would be hard to talk to a stranger.

Tip 2. Parents to choose the location, be patient- Allowing the parent to choose the location meant that the children are in a location that they are familiar with. Putting a child in an environment with someone that they have just met for the first time would be very nerve wracking. Which would mean that you would not get the best possible pictures that you could get if the child was completely comfortable and relaxed. Additionally work fast, since children become restless quickly its better to work fast to get the best pictures. Instead of telling the children what poses to do suggest poses that they might like to do. Children don't like being told what to do so suggesting poses would seem moe fun to them.

Tip 3. Get down to their level- Going down to the child's level shows them that you are friendly and not threatening. Towering over a child would scare them whereas if you were at the same height level they may see it as you being more playful.

Tip 4. Good natural light- If there is too much sun then it would cast a shadow on the child's face which you don't want. If the shoot is happening when it is really sunny then find some shade if there is no shade then shoot facing the sun.

Tip 5. The right time of the day- The right time of the day is 10am according to Saraya. This is because the child is not hungry or sleepy so they are more able to take pictures.

Tip 6-Props-Bringing props for the child to hold onto or getting there parents to bring toys that they may like make the child feel more secure and more comfortable. Additionally, Saraya uses sticky stars on the floor and the walls. In her studio she has gold stars on the floors and gold stars on the wall as well instead of just directing them to the middle of the studio, she tells them to stand on the gold star on the floor and look at the gold star on the wall. This is easier than just directing them to the middle of the studio which may confuse them.

Tip 7-Ultimately if you have fun they will have fun- This is very true and I use this tip with my shoots as well. If the children see that you are having fun and feel comfortable then they will also have fun and warm up to you. Which will make your shoot go more smoothly and you will be able to capture some great shots.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you enjoyed it and these tips helped you.

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