Beauty and the Beast: A Magical Photoshoot in an Enchanted Forrest

On Saturday 16th December 2017, I created a fairytale adventure for one charming and very special couple. The photos were taken at Surprise View in the Sheffield Peak District as I felt it was very fitting for the couples miraculous Beauty and the Beast outfits. I also caught up with them to find out more about their adventures together so far and how they came to meet.

When did you meet and How Long Have you Been Together?

We met in 2012 during Comic Con in London, we've enjoyed five enchanting years together but have been engaged for two. Tony proposed last Christmas!

What got you into Cosplay?

Friends got me into cosplay, same for Emilie, though she's now a veteran at it. We love it!

Why did you choose Beauty and the Beast?

We were both brought up by Disney films, Em never got bought a Disney dress as a kid so she made her own. I love to be the prince, a match made in heaven!

Have you started Wedding Planning?

Yes! We just need the money to put it into action - we're discussing lots of venues at the moment but would like it to be at the Millennium Gallery...

Can you tell me what cosplay events you're going to next year?

We're off to digicon, cosplay cruise to Rotterdam, amecom, Alcon and a bunch of others next year!

Any fun facts or party tricks!?

I made a very good Tony stark, and Em is an amazing seamstress!

The couple are currently both studying at uni and live together happily with their pet cat called Tiger!

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