Love is Timeless: Meet Peter and Malcolm

I had a fantastic time photographing the remarkable Peter and Malcolm last week in Weston Park who've taught me you're never too old to find love!

Peter used to live in sunny Australia, and he met Malcolm who was travelling at the time after they crossed paths in a local bar over several nights before they finally started talking - Peter was playing piano in the bar at the time- how cute! The couple enjoyed a fantastic week together before Malcolm flew home to the UK. From then on, the couple regularly used to exchange letters - they were pen pals who fell deeply in love.

It's been a bumpy road for Peter and Malcolm who battled to get married, it was a struggle to arrange a visa for Peter to come to the UK but through determination, they managed it and have been happy ever since. They were one of the first couples to get a civil partnership in the UK, and they soon turned that into a marriage when they could! Peter and Malcolm are over the moon that Australia has now legalised same-sex marriage - woohoo!

Their hobbies include cinema, enjoying a nice pint of beer or ale and socialising with their nearest and dearest. I had the pleasure of meeting them through the fantastic LGBT community in Sheffield and felt honoured to be able to take their photos in the gorgeous and green Weston Park.

Read more about them in the interview below:

Tell me about your wedding day if you've already had it, your fave thing on the day, what made it special?

Our wedding day was exceptional with about 70 friends attending. We got married at the Town Hall Register Office and had some lovely photos taken in the Peace Gardens afterwards. I played the piano at our reception and performed songs that have special meaning for Malcolm and me. We even had a sing-along!

How did you meet?

I was playing a grand piano at a gay cocktail bar on Oxford Street (known as the Gay Golden Mile) in Sydney. Malcolm saw me playing the piano a few evenings and wanted to speak to me but didn't get the chance to do so until one night he went into the bar, and it was my night off from playing the piano, and we got chatting.

What's your favourite thing to do together? ( Keep it PC please) ;)

Socialising, watching good films at the cinema and enjoying a nice pint.

Favourite hobbies or fun facts?

Our hobbies include theatre visits, concerts, cinema visits, eating out and socialising!

Best holiday or adventure you've had together?

We have had some fantastic holidays together but our holiday to Cape Town in South Africa was one of the highlights. Cape Town is lovely with its geography. The people are so friendly, and the culture and food are just unique!

I loved photographing these two! Over the past year, I have become very fond of Peter and Malcolm, they are always there to listen and give great advice when you need it. They have even invited me and my partner to go round for dinner soon. I love hearing all about their stories, their traveling adventures, their time spent living in different cities and even counties. Some of their stories are so funny, we are crying with laughter. Peter and Malcolm have also taught me how difficult it was to be themselves over the years, but through determination and love for one another they have never let anyone get them down. They both told me they feel so settled in Sheffield and they have so much love around them from friends and the local communities, it really does feel like home! Thank you so much for letting me capture both of your personalities, your love for one another, and your positive vibes!

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