Crowdfunding Videos 

With our expertise in videography, photography and editing, we successfully created a Kickstarter/crowdfunding video for Annie from 'Hoydens' - A women's workwear company aiming to launch comfortable work trousers for women in all trading sectors. We worked with Annie on her brief, explored ideas together and came up with this informative but creative video for her to use as part of her launch. As well as the video we also shot stills, photography so her whole campaign looked on brand and professional. With our help, Annie smashed her target of £10,000! If we can do it for Annie we can do it for you. Message us today with your crowdfunding idea and let's see how we can help you kick-start this idea off the ground. 

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Event  Videography 

If stills don't do your event any justice, we offer videography which might be more suitable to document the atmosphere and action. We will always have a consultation to discuss your event first. This is to make sure we capture it the best way possible, as well as recording the event; we will then go through the footage selecting the best bits and create a video worth sharing to everybody. In the edits, we will include your logos to make it more personal. We will include music that fits your event and we will also ask you who needs credit at the end. Check out our latest event right here. We offer photography and videography packages, message us today to see how we can help you. 

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