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Your Wedding Journey

How it all works if you book with me.

Hands on Deck


So first things first... Send me an email, drop me a Facebook / Instagram message, or give me a call! 

Let me know the date so I can check if I'm free! 

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I'll soon be in contact to arrange a Face to face meeting. I will invite you to come to my studio, this way you can see albums, prints, and a wedding day from start to finish, get to know me, my style and how I work, and most importantly its great for me to get to know you both more, what your wedding plans are and how I can help you. Tea and Cake are a must in these meetings btw. / Zoom meetings with COVID19.

Signing a Contract


Once we have decided on a package suitable to you both, I'll get you to look through my wedding contract (Noting scary I promise, just mandatory points for weddings) Then I will invoice you for the deposit, this secures your date, anyone else that enquiries for that date I will turn away. ​

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We will then organise to go check out your venue, meet your wedding coordinator, and plan where we will shoot the group shot, your family groups, and check out the locations for couple shots. I need to know the lighting of the venue, and I will discuss with you both ideas for shots and poses to were all on the same page. ​

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Now it gets even more exciting! Pre-wedding portraits shoots are a great way to have some experience with me shooting before the big day, see how I work with you. Youll be comfortable I promise. This can be at the venue visit, a location of your choice.. or let me decide! 

Legal Aid


It's back to the studio for me, to send emails to your registry, your wedding planner, and to write up the timeline of your day. Other admin roles include sorting out your payments. 

Photo Equipment


So this actually takes quite a long time, I guess a bit that you don't see, but I have to clear SD cards, charge up all equipment, clean sensors and lenses, and make sure I have all the backup equipment if anything breaks. Including in the prep is organising travel plans and accommodation if needed. 

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So the day is here!! 

I will be feeling super excited and pumped for your day! I often start early and will be there all day, capturing the day infold and make sure you have memories to treasure forever. 

 Hard Drive


I will always back up your images the same day onto a hard drive, god forbid if anything happens to your photographs on the way back to the studio! 

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 14.35.09.png


A few days after, you'll be dying to see a few shots, I've got you covered... I will select and edit up to 10 images and post them on my social media channels and tag you in the post- your first glance is always super exciting! 

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 14.10.53.png


Armed with tea, I'm now on to the editing process, loading my images up onto lightroom I have to scroll through hundreds of photographs, pick out the best ones, give them a cheeky edit and save them into your wedding photographer folder. Any touching up on photoshop will happen at this stage. 



The first time you will see your images will be on this professional online gallery, you can view this on your phone, laptop, iPad or computer - I think even the TV if you have a posh one! So sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy looking back at your big day! 



My USB boxes are made locally from a guy in Sheffield. I go into the store and see them getting made first hand, for quality control, but also because it's really cool watching your boxes being laser cut onto the wood. I will then print out some images from your day and put them into the box. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 14.11.04.png


Once this is all made, I will organise to deliver this personally to you both, it's great to see your faces when you receive it, and also really lovely to catch up. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 14.11.14.png

15. ENJOY! 

I leave to your images, and if you need any extra prints, canvas, then I ask you to be in touch with me so I can sort these out for you. 



Many clients stay in touch after there wedding day, they invite me to birthday parties, going out for drinks at Christmas... I love this part as being self-employed I don't have any colleagues, so you guys do become friends, and after this journey, we sure have had some fun times! 

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