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Starting Nelly Naylor Photography Has Been A Huge Investment: Experience Comes at A Price

I started Nelly Naylor Photography a few years ago after quitting my job at another photography studio because I wasn't happy, I'd had enough, and it was time for me to go solo. I've never looked back; it was the best decision I ever made. I've always been super-passionate about photography; I studied it at College and Sheffield Hallam University. I’ve worked so hard to gain experience over the years; my unique photography style is recognisable for its bright and colourful edits. Getting to be a professional photographer has been a HUGE investment, and I need it to start paying off.

I wanted to write this piece to give you an insight into what’s involved in running a photography business because at least once a week, someone tries to get something for free from me - they’re insulting me, my passion, my experience and entirely wasting my time.

I know my rates aren't expensive and you don't have to look very hard to realise that. You wouldn't believe how many people contact me after being upset with the quality of their wedding photos after they used another photographer or even worse, a family friend. I'm currently re-editing a couples' wedding photos where the lighting is dreadful, arms and heads have been cut off, and there's no creative flair. With wedding photography mainly, you get what you pay for. The market is completely saturated with shedloads of photography businesses, many of which are run by students and amateurs with no professional qualifications or a range of experience.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life; you want it to be documented beautifully. Many couples spend lots of money on the venue, food, drinks and the reception and then lack the necessary funds for the photography. The problem is that once you've eaten all of the food, popped all the bottles of champagne, danced to all the tunes at the reception and your showy wedding flowers have drooped, and the photos are all you've got left to remember your special day - they are timeless!

Your wedding day is so busy and fast-paced, surely you want to hire a photographer who won't miss any of those unique little details you've worked so hard to arrange until the guests arrive and its full steam ahead for your special day. I love to capture all of the individual moments from your day from the guests interacting with each other, to the bride walking elegantly down the aisle and everything in-between until the fun wedding reception afterward. I strive to capture all of the detail and won't miss a thing. You'll have these memories forever. I always create several back-ups of your memories too so if you ever lose them - I have a copy spare so you can enjoy your photos worry-free. And, it doesn't stop there, I don't just slap on an Instagram filter, I use the latest version of Photoshop to edit my images to the highest standard whilst also subscribing to an online gallery service so you can view your photos professionally with ease.

You wouldn’t believe how many couples say their biggest regret is hiring a student or a part-time amateur photographer who didn’t have the skills and knowledge of a professional.

So, what do you get if you hire me over that sloppy sub-standard photographer you could get away with paying £300 for?

‘Oh, you just turn up and click a button, don’t you?’

Actually, there’s a lot more to it than that! You wouldn’t believe how many people have said this to me after sending off a quote - how disrespectful, I know I won’t always please everyone though... You don’t just get my photography skills; you get my charming personality as well! Have you got boisterous cousins that can be hard to manage? I'll keep them in check! Feeling a bit nervous about getting the right photographs and keeping everybody happy, that's what I'm here for! My motto is, to always have a backup plan – a bit cliché I know, but hey, it works! Another important skill in my line of work is thinking on your feet. Nobody wants it to be raining on their wedding day but, it makes for some stunning photos!

The pre-planning, post-wedding day editing and all of that organisation

I’m very organised with work, as in, I have spreadsheets, I know what I need to do. There’s some sort of system going on there. I just need to do it. I was totally one of those teenagers who spent longer decorating my homework diary, paying attention to all of those little details and perfecting everything than actually doing what was listed in it. You’ve been planning various aspects of your wedding for a long time – they take a lot of organising! So why should you put your trust in a photographer who just turns up on the day without planning anything first? The first stage of wedding photography starts when we meet up at your chosen venue and go through the plan of action for the day. I’ll organise what group shots you want to get and where we’ll be taking them to make sure everyone knows what will be happening. I’ll then do some test shots to check out the lighting and setup, so the technical side of things is organised too! Teamwork makes a dream work! And, that’s a lot of organisational admin!

Plus, the excitement doesn’t end when the big day is over. You’ve got all your lovely photographs to look forward to! We give you a sneak peek on the day, and then make sure all your images are waiting for you to look through when you get back from your honeymoon. We then hand them over to you, with full copyright and a personalised gift, with our best wishes!

What about ALL that fancy equipment? Obviously.

All of my camera equipment is PAT tested regularly. I also take outstanding care of it, ensuring it's checked over and cleaned before every shoot. Thinking on your feet is all well and good but, if you don't have the equipment, you can't do very much! Which is why I like to come prepared, if you see me rock up to your wedding with bags and bags of gear don't worry, I'm not staying for a week! If I know I've packed tripods, cameras, back-ups, and flashguns for every eventuality; we can make sure you get the shots you really want.

Style and Experience - I’ve invested so much in ensuring I’m the best I can be, creating unique photos that really do stand out from the crowd!

Aside from my ten years plus experience in photography, I'm always learning and experimenting, going on courses and embracing the latest technology. After capturing weddings for many years, I've created my own distinct style of photography. I enjoy making wedding images feel relaxed and fun, while also ensuring they're colourful and vibrant. The most important part is that they capture and reflect the essence and personality of the couple, after all, everybody is unique in their own way, so your wedding images should be too!

Do you have a plan B? Of course.

Hiring me as your professional wedding photographer means you can sit back and enjoy your big day without worrying about a thing. I have full public liability insurance. I also ensure I have backup equipment ready to go, just in case something unforeseen happens. You get two photographers for the price of one, as I always bring a second photographer to ensure no moment is missed and we can be in two places at once! And don’t forget those backups I mentioned earlier!

I’ll go the extra mile!

I pride myself on delivering first class customer service and delivering wedding photography that surpasses expectations. Plus, I can also print your images, so you don’t have to go through the hassle! We can arrange canvases, prints, gifts and more, and if you don’t want them straight away, you can always pop back.

I love photography; I love my life, you know I do. But I hope this post has given you a bit of an insight of what ten plus years of experience in photography involves - so, next time you ask for a photography quote, whether it’s from me or someone else, consider what’s included - it takes a lot of time. If it does happen to be around £300, carry on looking.

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